January 31

Evan Orchard Family Portraits

Whether you grew up going to cider mills or not, visiting Evan Orchard is a nostalgic experience. It really feels like autumn. Their displays are reminiscent of harvest festivals, featuring corn, hay, and farm equipment. Inside, there are play areas created from larger farm materials such as tires and ropes. Children can bounce, slide, swing, and run around.

Behind the play areas is a real orchard filled with apple and pear trees. You can pick your own fruit, purchase from the market or eat at the cafe. Don’t miss out on the frozen apple cider pops! Yum.

The fifth generation farm property holds 175 acres and was originally used to farm livestock and tobacco. It’s awesome to see the owners turn it into a place for trees, food and family instead of tobacco.

We visited Evan Orchard to take some two year old photos for Bastian. He loved running around and picking fruit.

If you’re interested in having a family photo session like this one at this cider mill or anywhere else in Kentucky, I’d love to hear from you.

family photos at evan orchard
mama and baby at evan orchard
baby with family at evan orchard
family walking at evan's orchard