Cassie isn't just a photographer, but a true artist. She has her own style that is totally unique and authentic to the beauty around her and her subjects.



Upon meeting Cassie, we immediately knew that we wanted to work with her. She's not only an incredibly talented photographer, but an awesome person--kind, authentic, funny, and down-to-earth.



Don't even know what to say, these are absolutely beautiful. More than we could have even dreamed up. Actually magical.


I have my own way of doing things based on Trust, Vulnerability & making space for Creative Magic

Your wedding is a big deal, and I will document it in a way that honors who you are. You deserve to feel emotional when looking through your photos for years and years to come. Even strangers will connect with a well told story.

Visually, my style is a lot like film, cinematic & dreamy. I do have a mental shot list of things I photograph at most weddings, but my work is about way more than just checking photos off a list. It's about *how* we do everything: our connection, our respect for the beauty in this world. Wandering is key. Often the moments I capture could never be recreated. You don't have to perform at your wedding, at least not for me.

What draws couples to my work is my personality, expertise and the way I tell your story. I encourage you to check out some of my recent work. I don't shoot any two weddings the same way, but I always apply my creative, sincere vision.

The resulting images are soft, colorful, quiet and thoughtful. I celebrate real life: the colors, the textures, the feelings, all of it.

non traditional wedding portrait

With 15+ years experience with photography and 5+ years shooting weddings, you can feel at ease knowing I take great care in our work. I bring extra cameras, batteries, and lights; I keep your photos triple backed up & I'm an expert with photography techniques and digital editing.

We will work great together if...

At the end of the day, you know whether or not you connect with my work. If not, there’s surely another photographer that you will connect with. We’re lucky enough to be part of a very niche industry- there’s a perfect fit for everyone. If I’m that photographer for you, then I can’t wait to see what we create together.

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