If you're getting married in Kentucky, you'll have so many different Louisville, Kentucky wedding venues to choose from. Louisville has a lot going on-- it's both urban and rural, both appalachian and midwestern and somehow none of these things. These days, Louisville is home to amazing restaurants, entertainment and places to get married.

I looked at every weddings venue I could find and curated this list of my 10 favorite wedding venues in Louisville based on one thing: my own personal taste. My criteria for choosing venues was how much I would enjoy photographing a wedding there. Much like my Lexington wedding venues list, I chose historical buildings, outdoor spaces and wildcards.

So, if you have similar aesthetic tastes to me and are shopping for a Louisville wedding venue, read my list below! Alternatively, if you are looking for your dream venue and haven't been able to find it, get in touch with me! I am an excellent researcher and I love being a part of the wedding planning process with my clients.

Historical Louisville Wedding Venues

Peterson-Dumesnil House

This home is 150 years old and is located in Crescent Hill on 31 acres. Louisville architect Henry Whitestone designed it. Peterson-Dumesnil House is used for community events as well as weddings and private events. Holding a wedding here is supporting the archival preservation of a historic home and community space. Not to mention, it's gorgeous and has tall ceilings and big windows.

Guest count - 100

Price range - $1,600-3,000

Frazier International History Museum

The Frazier is a cool, downtown history museum with a sweet courtyard AND a rooftop garden. Enjoy views of the Ohio River and honestly the building itself, originally built in 1897.

Guest count - 250

Speed Art Museum

Art is cool! Museums are cool! The Speed Art Museum opened in 1927 and was completely renovated/reopened in 2016. In addition to all the art, the Speed Art Museum has gorgeous stairways, galleries and glass walls. Some spaces inside the museum are modern and others are traditional; it's eclectic. There's an outdoor park and courtyards, too.

Modern Louisville Wedding Venues

The Refinery

I'm really sorry-- this one is in Jeffersonville, Indiana, but it's so nice! Open, indoor, industrial spaces and minimal courtyard. These spaces are perfect for creative backdrops and tablescapes. The Refinery has their own florist and event design team to bring your wedding vision to life. And it's HUGE.

Guest count - 350

Price range - $3,000-7,000

Copper and Kings Distillery

There's no other place like Copper and Kings. This brandy distillery is located in Butchertown and stands out in its bright orange and black design. Lots of exposed brick and clean lines. Copper and Kings' courtyard feels like an outdoor nightclub, and there's a little rooftop terrace, too.

Guest count - 250

Outdoor Louisville Wedding Venues

Long Ridge Farm

This place is sexy, but does it count as Louisville? Maybe not, but just in case you are looking for something more rustic, I think you should check out Long Ridge Farm. It's soo dreamy. Located in Shelbyville, Long Ridge Farm is a working cattle farm. and it's GREEN.

Guest count - 165

Price range - $5,000

Waterfront Botanical Gardens

Really cool new constructions going on! Prior to the groundbreaking of Waterfront Botanical Gardens, the streets were lined with large southern homes. Those flooded and conservation efforts began. Originally conceptualized in 2009, construction began in 2017 and they have so much planned. The Waterfront Botanical Gardens project is a non profit, so hosting your wedding here is sort of a conversation effort, too.

Guest count - 250

3rd Turn Oldham Gardens

Imagine a greenhouse in Harry Potter's Diagon Alley. Twinkly little lights, twisty tree branches. And locally brewed beer! If you're hosting a whimsical, natural, low-key small affair, this one of a kind location is worth checking out. An hour from Louisville in the charming Crestwood.

Yew Dell Botanical Gardens

Yew Dell is a magical garden with multiple fascinating indoor spaces. This place books up so far in advance, because it's one of a kind and naturally beautiful. Originally a hobbyist's garden and commercial nursery, Yew Dell has become an award winning destination. Located in Crestwood, an hour from Louisville.

Guest count - 400

Price range - $5,000-8,000

Unconventional Louisville Wedding Venues

Depending on the size of your wedding, almost any location can be your perfect wedding venue! It's worth considering restaurants, Air BnB's, hiking trails and more. Start with what you know and see where you end up.

I love researching new locations, so if you have a space in mind, shoot me a message. I'd love to help you find your perfect wedding venue!

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