Working with Jillian and Chris was amazing. Without knowing it, they brought me to the best possible headspace to take photos, and as a result we created some photos I'm really proud of. It all starts with the trip to Portsmouth. Ohio.

I drove over two hours to get to this city, mostly through back roads. This is honestly my favorite way to drive when it's light out. My route took me along the Ohio river & the border of Kentucky and Ohio, ending up close to the edge of West Virginia.

As you may already know, I used to live in West Virginia, and I've traveled around most of the state. I just love it there. There's something powerful about the land. Just hearing WV Public radio while driving automatically put me in this... dreamy, creative, nostalgic headspace. When I arrived in Portsmouth, we took a breath, and then made these photos.

First, we explored a monastery that is being restored as a home and event space. It's lovely.

I thought going downtown would make me like Portsmouth less, but I was totally wrong. The vibe is very much an industrial town, right on the river. You can picture the history here. I now have a dream of a loft apartment downtown and daily walks to sit by the river.

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