April 14


April is half over. I feel lost. Yesterday I told my best friend that I feel like I am failing at everything. Am I trying to do too many things?

The most important thing to me right now is taking good care of Roscoe. Second, is feeling like I am doing well with my photography. This goes hand in hand with taking care of Roscoe since it’s how I make my living. Afterwards come wanting to be a good partner to Edie, self care, and maintaining my art practice. Only 5 things! Why can’t I do 5 things?!

Last month we went to Dallas with Edie’s family for a funeral. Roscoe did well on the drives, and I existed in a half conscious state, blissed out, probably slept more during the drives to and from Dallas than I have in months. Once we got back, Roscoe started sleeping through the night some days.

Looking back on the spring so far, we definitely spend a lot of time outside. We take lots of pictures. Stop to look at flowers. Roscoe eats solid food now, so we are planning our meals and also her meals. I know I am really doing a lot, but I feel disorganized, unfocused. Tomorrow we will clean. It’s crazy how much the need to clean can sort of take over my life sometimes.


roscoe laughing and being kissed by edie

lexington sunset


cassie lopez photography studio

three yellow crocus

blooming tulip

leaves in water

roscoe reaching for flowers

roscoe in cherry blossom tree

edie and roscoe under the trees

roscoe alley

edie in portrait double exposure

shadow of my hand

me and roscoe cuddling

roscoe in car seat

two crocuses

edie and roscoe on the porch

me and roscoe reflected in a round mirror

cherry blossom tree portrait double exposure

rocoe reaching for blossoms

roscoe above the hedge

me and roscoe

bathing at hotel
lexington kentucky pink sunset