Choosing a wedding venue in Lexington is about more than just liking a space. First, you have to consider logistics. How many guests do you want at your wedding, and what is your budget for a wedding venue? Some wedding venues include catering, chairs or tables, so you'll have to factor those things into your considerations as well.

Kentucky wedding venues range from barns with working farms, to historic homes to brand new hotel towers. Your options are endless but here are a few wedding venues that stood out to me in my research. Most of the venues I am drawn to feature both outdoor and indoor elements.

If you don't find your perfect wedding venue here, feel free to get in touch with me for help researching! Outdoor, indoor and unconventional wedding venue spaces are everywhere.

Outdoor Wedding Venues

Polo Barn at Saxony

A real working horse farm just outside downtown Lexington. Dreamy scenery with fences, barns, trees and horses. Several places to get ready and prep, have cocktail hour, ceremony and reception.

Guest count - 250

Price range - $3,000+

Taylor Made Farms

For those looking to have a "Kentucky" wedding, Taylor Made Farm is a real, 1000+ acre horse farm that hosts weddings and events. Multiple champion race horses were born and bred right here on this Nicholasville farm, right outside Lexington.

Guest count - 200

Price range - $3,500+

Terrapin Hill Farm

One of my favorite outdoor venues ever, an hour from Lexington. It's gorgeous from every viewpoint. Features woods, hills, and a giant triangular pavilion for the ceremony. Really earthy, peaceful vibe. Plus, your guests can camp out.

Guest count - 150 / 2,000

Price range - $3,000-$5,000

Shaker Village

If you love the Secret Garden, this might be the wedding venue for you. Sure, there is no actual garden here, but oh the austerity! It's truly out of a storybook. Beautiful historic cottages, acres of pasture and genuine Shaker Meeting rooms. There's even an option to add a boat ride.

Guest count - 200

Price range - $1,000-$3,000

Sunset Ridge Farm

This is the only Red River Gorge-area venue I'm including on my Lexington venues list, and the reason I'm including it is: this venue features an OPEN AIR CHAPEL. Red River Gorge doesn't have many venues that are good for large wedding groups, but this one has 50 acres of gorgeous lakes, meadows, and even a waterfall and lodge cabin.

Guest count - 250

Price range - $2,500-$8,500

The Farmstead at Shawnee Springs

Located 45 minutes from Lexington in Harrodsburg, the Farmsteaad is a cool, all-inclusive wedding venue for lovers of the outdoors. The staff at the Farmstead is knowledgeable about weddings and day of coordination, making this a great venue if you want assistance putting your wedding together.

Guest count - 200+

Price range - $2,000-$8,000

Historic Home Wedding Venues

The Bell House

A historic home right in the heart of Lexington's Bell Court neighborhood. The house sits on a little park and features beautiful rooms and staircases. I love this venue for a brunch or afternoon wedding. Books open for each year on July 1 of the previous year, so keep your eye on this one.

Guest count - 100

Price range - $500-$2000

Loudon House

This 19th century home is located in Lexington's Castlewood neighborhood. The space is home to the Lexington Art League and regularly hosts gallery openings and community events. Artists have studios upstairs and contemporary art fills the walls downstairs.

Guest count - 150

Price range - $350-$3,500

Carrick House

This 1800's mansion is so unique! With huge windows, chandeliers and printed carpet, you don't need to add too many frills to this venue. Just let it shine. It's right downtown, and I first noticed it during the holidays, when they have a cute blinking light display.

Guest count - 500

Price range - $3,000 - $6,000


Beautiful historic site in Lexington featuring buildings from the 1800's. Waveland has some incredibly sweet gardens and rolling hills. It's an excellent budget option as the cost of the grounds use alone are inexpensive for a wedding venue.

Guest count - 200

Pricing - $500-$2,000

Warrenwood Manor

Located in Danville, it's an easy 45 minute drive from Lexington and provides the scenic views of a real working cattle farm. The house is on the historic register and features charming, one of a kind details such as wallpapers and prism cut window accents.

Guest count - 180

Price range - $2,800-$4,500

Lynwoood Estate

Lynwood Estate is located in Richmond, a 30 minute drive from Lexington. Built in 1880, the mansion has since been restored to historically accurate perfection. Beautiful indoor and outdoor spaces!

Guest count - 300

Price - $7,000

Chaumiere du Prairie

This new venus is located in Nicholasville. A historic home and working agricultural farm, this multifaceted event space will host weddings, markets and community events. This is the only venue I have found that acknowledges the history of their venue as being built and maintained by enslaved people. I have a lot of appreciation for this progressive new space and look forward to seeing it develop.

Indoor Wedding Venues

The Headley-Whitney Museum of Art

The Headley-Whitney is located between Lexington and Midway, and was founded in 1968. The grounds feature buildings designed by Lexington architects that combine many eccentric styles. Enjoy gardens, library, and mystical mosaic grottoes. This place is special.

Guest count - 250

Price - $4000

Clerestory at Greyline Station

This is a new venue located on the Northside of Lexington, inside an old bus depot. Clerestory shares this space with small and large businesses of Lexington. Very industrial, open space. Ideal if you want to bring in all your own decor and rentals.

Guest count - 400

Price range $2,000-$6,000

The Lyric Theater

Located in Lexington's historic East End, the Lyric functions as a Cultural Art Center. Beautiful historic theatre with contemporary multi-purpose room and courtyard.

Guest count - 250

Price range - $1,000-$4,000


Located on my favorite street in Lexington, Mill Street. The Beaux Art style building is from 1904 and used to be a YMCA, so it has some really interesting rooms throughout. Right downtown and features gallery works by Kentucky artists.

Guest count - 250

Price range - $1,500-$4,000

The Apiary

The Apiary in downtown Lexington is a whole experience. Outside are walled gardens and courtyards with perennial blooms and iron fences. Inside, enjoy large, open rooms with tall ceilings and exposed brick walls. Apiary's award winning catering is included as well.

Guest count - 200

Price range - $5,000-$20,000

21c Museum

This hotel chain is a lot of fun. Each location is totally unique, and features ever changing, real art exhibits. If you're interested in utilizing interesting lighting or technology, they have multiple well-equipped spaces. As a historic building, it's got big windows, too. You can even get ready in the hotel!

Guest count - 250

Price range - $2,500-$5,000

The Galerie

In 2018, this 1920s Methodist Church was converted to a timeless event venue in Versailles. The space was redesigned with wedding venue in mind, so they've got getting ready rooms covered and lots of space.

Guest count - 225

Price range - $3,000-$6,500

Unconventional Wedding Venues

Any place can be a wedding venue. Your home. Your favorite brewery. A farm. Depending on how small you want the wedding to be, you could get married on a secluded dock, or a mountain overlook. Don't pressure yourself to have a big wedding if that's not what you really want.

I'm always researching new locations, so if you have a vision in mind, shoot me a message. I love helping couples find their fantasy spot for a photoshoot, whether that's a wedding venue in Lexington or the dreamiest trail through Red River Gorge.

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