About Us

My favorite photographs look like happy accidents

Blurry. Lens flare. Laughing with your eyes closed. Not looking anywhere near the direction of the camera. Photos that show the haze of a humid day, remind you of your favorite scenes from a movie, or even of being lost in a book. A friend once told me my photos gave him nostalgia for things he hadn’t experienced, and I know that’s the greatest gift I can give in making photos for you. That even a complete stranger could look at your photos and connect.

My name is Cassie. I have a beautiful child named Roscoe & an amazing partner named Edie. Roscoe was born a little over a year after we met. We have two cats, Fawkes and Calvin. My favorite foods are soup and ice cream (do I just hate chewing?) I love sleeping in, and waking up when it’s raining, and opening the windows when it’s breezy outside. My dad is from Puerto Rico & I feel better suited for island life than Appalachia. That being said I feel deeply Appalachian. I really want to visit New Mexico & Wyoming.

I approach every photoshoot with curiosity. I am passionate about creative storytelling + making meaningful art out of real life moments.

What else can I tell ya?

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