Red River Gorge Photography Locations

Red River Gorge is beautiful, mysterious and huge. There are endless incredible photography locations, but it’s not easy to figure out where to start looking. I created this list of eight photography locations at the gorge, but these just happen to be my favorites that I’ve been to so far. They are listed in no particular order.

I research new locations all the time, often inspired by a request from a client, so I will keep adding to this list as I can.

The best thing about the gorge (to me, a photographer) is the variety of amazing scenery. If you’re wanting to do an engagement, elopement, wedding or family session at the gorge, start a conversation with me! I am confident we can find a unique, perfect location for what you have in mind.

Chimney Top Rock

couple at chimney top rock overlook

I really, really love this spot for photoshoots. It’s a short, paved hike to the overlook and there are other, smaller stops along the way.

couple embracing at chimney top rock red river gorge

A sea of trees! Super beautiful. Another great thing about Chimney Top Rock is that it’s accessible through the same parking lot as Princess Arch.

Princess Arch

princess arch couples photo red river gorge

Princess Arch features a beautiful view, a natural bridge, and several small caves. Also a very short hike from a parking lot!

couple embracing at princess arch red river gorge

The road to access both of these trailheads is called Sky Bridge Road, or Highway 715. You need a backcountry camping permit to camp there. It feels wilderness-y and awesome. Along Sky Bridge Road, there are official trails (like those listed above) and unofficial trails, like Copperas Falls trail.

Copperas Falls

This trail, though unofficial, is supposedly popular. We managed to get to the falls without getting lost, but we did have to walk through a few streams. The hike is also 3.6 miles each way, so it takes an hour!

couple at copperas falls

Pro tip: utilize All Trails to read forums and trail details for pretty much any trail anywhere, including Red River Gorge.

copperas falls unofficial red river gorge trail

View more photos from this Copperas Falls engagement session.

Whistling Arch

Close by Copperas Falls is a much easier trail leading to Whistling Arch. This trail features a little secluded overlook, an arch, and lots of big rocks for sittin’.

whistling arch at red river gorge

Natural Bridge

This is the part of Red River Gorge most people have heard of, as there’s a whole Natural Bridge State Resort Park with attractions and Miguel’s Pizza.

natural bridge red river gorge
natural bridge engagement photographers red river gorge

The hike up is a little hard, but it’s heavily trafficked for a reason! After crossing the bridge, you’ll encounter all kinds of rock formations and forest trails. You can see more photos here.

Lookout Point

couple at red river gorge lookout point

Lookout Point at sunrise is especially incredible. I can’t even tell you.

couple at lookout point at red river gorge

From Lookout Point, you also get a great view of the Natural Bridge.

natural bridge at red river gorge

If you don’t feel like hiking all the way to Natural Bridge, there is another way to get up if you aren’t afraid of ferris wheels.

Sky Lift

Are you afraid of heights? Are you afraid of rickety old ziplines? Ferris wheels?

red river gorge skylift

Without a doubt, I am. But the Skylift at Natural Bridge is a quick way to the top with amazing views. It’s like free falling!

More photos of the skylift, natural bridge and a DIY wedding ceremony at a rented cabin in this post.

Cave Run Lake

I admit, this is where I get confused sometimes. Is this lake technically Red River Gorge? Or is it just Daniel Boone National Forest? My understanding is that all of Red River Gorge is within Daniel Boone National Forest, but not all of the forest is in the gorge.

Regardless, the lake is amazing and it is very close to the gorge.

Thanks for checking out this post! Hope you found something intriguing to help you plan your next trip.

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