How did I not think of doing a Facetime photoshoot before March? Inspired by the writings of Leah Lakshmi Piepzna-Samarasinha, I began focusing on accessibility in my photography practice at the beginning of the year. In 2021, I'm moving to a new studio with ramp access. And in 2020, I began offering these virtual Facetime photoshoots.

Though I do offer outdoor and masked indoor sessions, taking photos over Facetime or video chat is best for individuals who are strictly quarantining. In taking photographs virtually, there is zero contact between us.

How do Facetime Photoshoots Work?

They're quite easy to get the hang of! We'll set up a time for me to call you on Facetime, Google Meet, schedule a Zoom - whatever you're comfortable with. Once we connect, you can show me around to look for good places to take photos. You'll prop your phone up with the rear-facing camera facing you. Although you won't be able to see yourself, I'll give you directions on how to move to fill the frame. I take photos by taking screenshots.

What equipment will I need?

All you need to pose for a Facetime photoshoot is a Phone, Tablet or Laptop with a Camera and Microphone. We can only take photos from angles/locations where you're able to prop up your device, so if you can, find a tripod, bookend, paperweight or some other object that will work as a prop. You could also have a friend hold the camera, though it feels a little like cheating, lol.

Can I make prints of Facetime Photoshoot photos?

You could print the images about the size of a business card - or even larger if you wanted. Depending on your internet connection, photos may look pixelated or feature glitches. Therefore, they are not ideal if you're expecting traditional prints. These photos are about connection, accessibility and embracing digital quirks.

How do I book a Facetime Photoshoot?

Book a session with me using my contact form! I'd love to hear about your ideas for the shoot or help with concept and styling. Since the medium of virtual photography is so experimental, I love to push the creativity, but I'm here for you.

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